Welcome to Blazing Burners

Join two women as they embark upon a journey of all things, vegan.  Be forewarned though, both of us are roguish by nature.  We intend on featuring only the earnest of all things, vegan, yet we know we may slide into our bad-girl sides from time-to-time. Hopefully we won’t document our shameful trespasses, out in the open, but will contain them to those other blogs we write.

Our journey begins with Lauren Ulm’s lovely book, Vegan Yum Yum.  She also writes a blog by the same name:  www.veganyumyum.com. We begin on page 59, Italian Rice & Beans.

We have fingerprinted Sundays as our day of mischief.  This could change, as do most well-intended plans, but we’re not chiseling anything in stone.  We like being free-spirited and not bound to chains, or in this case, apron strings.

Hopefully you’ll join us on our adventures, perhaps sharing yours with us, too.  I’d like to think our table is always full and that anyone who visits here will find themselves at home.

Let the feast begin!


About coffeegrounded

Seriously addicted to food blogs.
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