Blogger #2, Reporting For Duty

Hi fellow foodies!

I embark on this mission as a semi-vegan, food loving, amateur cook that’s trying to make enough decent meals that her husband will quit complaining about the lack of meat and cheese in the house.

We started a few months ago and I finally got him on the bandwagon, not after making amazingly delicious vegan meals, but by showing him a film called Food Inc.  He quit complaining and even stopped eating the deli turkey that I’d purchased to quiet him down.

No, we’re not crazy Northern California hippies, nor political activists that are trying to save the world.  We’ve made this change entirely for health reasons and that’s why we find it perfectly acceptable to “cheat” when the time is right. 

Blogger #1, aka my mom, is an extraordinary baker and cook.  Her dishes will more than likely turn out much better than mine and her blog posts will be more grammatically correct and interesting to read, but I’m sure my kitchen mishaps will keep you all entertained and begging for more 😉

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