Italian Rice and Beans

Blogger #2, here with meal #1!

I decided to start our adventure with Italian Rice and Beans from Vegan Yum Yum by Lauren Ulm.  There are copyright laws that prohibit us from sharing the exact recipe so I’ll give you a summary, some pictures, and hopefully some inspiration for your next meal.

The dish is very simple and would be extremely fast if it weren’t for the fact that rice takes so long to cook.  Who knew that you had to let rice “rest” before cooking it? Not me!  I’m pretty sure that Uncle Ben’s Instant Rice would work just fine if you want to make this meal in a hurry.

But I digress, the ingredients….

Brown rice, olive oil, some herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, white beans, salt, balsamic vinegar, baby spinach and lemon zest.  I also added cracked black pepper and crushed red pepper for some extra zing.

It was delicious!  I honestly couldn’t stop singing my own praises.  I think I overcooked the rice a bit and the pine nuts had a little crunch to them too, but overall I think it turned out quite nicely.

It’s hard for me to resist anything with pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes though.  I’m a sucker for those two ingredients.

Okay, now it’s mom’s turn to tell report on her findings.  Take it away!


Wow!  I wasn’t expecting the explosion of flavor that burst forth, and the surprise was doubled by two.  Hubby loved it!

I began the recipe this morning, gathering all the items needed, knowing that it would be late afternoon before I assembled them into the final product, Italian Beans and Rice.

Unfortunately, the lighting in the kitchen was gloomy, but a bit of patience and I had my shot.  Later, nightfall, and I resorted to using the flash on my trusty little point-and-shoot.   My photo-op leaves so much to desired, but the recipe doesn’t.

Again, M1 and I want to acknowledge, Lauren Ulm of Vegan Yum Yum for her splendid book.  What a treasure and great find this is!


Thanks M1 for leading the way.


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