Broccoli Almond Sweet-and-Sour Tofu

Mmm, mmm, good!  Mom picked the recipe for this week and it was a winner.  See the previous post for a list of ingredients.  I have 2 confessions though: (1)I couldn’t find an egg substitute at the grocery store.  My rural surroundings prevent me from obtaining a lot of vegan friendly items so I purchased some liquid egg whites and made the best of it.  (2) I used frozen broccoli so I could save time by not chopping.  Please don’t judge me.

If you are hesitant to try tofu, then I suggest starting with a recipe like this.  You can fry up anything and make it taste good.  Tofu is no exception!  Beware of the hot oil though.  It jumped up and bit me a couple of times.

So basically you just fry up some tofu, steam some broccoli, throw together a sweet and sour sauce and then mix it all up.  I also cooked some pasta and drizzled it with toasted sesame oil, but rice would work wonderfully too.

This meal was extra special for us.  It was the first time we’ve used our wedding China. Only about a year and four months past our wedding date!  I made the executive decision to unbox all four sets today and put them in the cabinet with the regular dishes.  We’re going to use them on a regular basis from now on.  I have no idea why I waited so long to do this.  I absolutely love our China.

Okay Mom, it’s your turn…


Sunday, and it’s time for dinner.  Challenge #2, and all is well.  🙂

This takes a bit of work.  Oh heck, what am I saying?  This tastes a whole bunch of work, from the gathering to the prepping to the fixing.  A whole lotta work.

It’s yummy though, a pleasant surprise, especially since I have never in my life done any kind of cooking, much less, baking, with tofu.  AND, it took a bit of bravery, too.  When I went searching for the tofu I began my journey in the produce department of my favorite organic grocers.  Nada. Zip.  Zilch.  But surely these folks have tofu? I sought the help of a clerk and she lead me to the item on the top shelf of the Asian food aisle. There it was, locked up tight in a small waxed carton, appearing most unappealing.  I grabbed it and told myself, well, maybe just once.

M1, and I, discussed how we were going to Shang-hi the recipe, first tossing out the idea of powdered ginger and opting instead, to use the freshly grated ginger.

Tamari?  Well, we could opt for soy-sauce if we wanted.

The egg-replacer? Oh my, here is where my ignorance really flags-the-pants.  I don’t want to surprise or disappoint anyone with this admission, but using something along the lines of replacer was probably just not going to happen in this kitchen.

Okay.  No, I am not a true vegan.  I am trying to cook from a beautiful vegan cookbook. I’ll try to post this disclaimer when I befuddle and amuse. But I digress:

It took a bit of bravery to note that I was going to have some frying to do. You see, I don’t fry.  Well, allow me to amend that.  I fry Tuesday, the third month of every Leap Year.

I do.  I really, really do.  It’s quite an event.  You should drive over to witness it.

I played with fire on the tofu, and went scandalous  with the sweet-and-sour sauce.  The original recipe calls for white sugar, and although I am notorious for dusting myself with that item (on a daily basis) in my bakes, somehow I couldn’t fathom using it on a dinner dish.  I amended the action, taking advantage of agave syrup, brown sugar and honey.  Yes, I realize they are still sugar, but in my dimly lit hallway, they seem more nutritious.

Would I do this recipe again?  Yes, but no, but yes.  First I have to devise a way to crispy-bake some tofu.  I’m sure that means I’ll be using an egg instead of a, replacer.

I confess.

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