Comfort Food, a.k.a., Vegetable Cobbler

It’s dinner from the diner, and what could be finer?

Nothing. Nada. Trust me!

This is week three of our effort to cook/bake vegan. Two households, separated by a couple thousand miles, we aim to gather round our table(s) and share a meal.  It matters not, that kitchens are in different time zones, or that one family eats ahead of the other. All is good.

M1 zipped me a note on her way to the airport last week. She had a recipe in mind for this week’s item, but it was a lengthy one, and if I didn’t mind, could she email it to me at week’s end? I assured her that all was well and I’d be awaiting its receipt once she was firmly planted back north.

When I received the recipe, I knew in an instant that it would be warmly welcomed by the family on this end, it is loaded with veggies, some familiar spices, and to top it all off, a crust that’s reminiscent of a favored one I’ve been using since 1970!

Prep takes a bit of time.  A food processor will speed you up a bit (frozen veggies will also save some time); today I went with as many fresh items as I could.  (The corn and pea’s were frozen and the marjoram and sage were the dried sort.)  I managed to find fresh parsley at my grocers, and its pleasant astringent, mint-like aroma rounded out this dish, perfectly!

I added one item to M1’s recipe.  Fresh red bell pepper!  Oh, and I opted for Tamari, rather than my old stand-by, regular soy sauce.

The pastry ingredients, mise en place.

I will never learn that over-filling a baking vessel is illegal.  It culminates in the same results, time after time:  a smoke-filled room and an ever-expanding chore list.  tsk, tsk, tsk.

But, not to fear.  Look at the result of the baking.  Lusciousness, pure and simple!

M1, thank you for this beauty.  I’m adding it to my permanent recipe file.


You’re welcome, Mom!

This recipe was adapted from Vegan On The Cheap by Robin Robertson.  I’ve made it a couple of times and was so excited to share it with my family this week

It does take a long time to prepare (and lots of dishes to clean), but the results are wonderful.  Mine didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as Mom’s, but I’m sure it was just as delicious.


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One Response to Comfort Food, a.k.a., Vegetable Cobbler

  1. This is definitely a keeper. We are still raving about it.

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