Seven Spice Udon Noodles

At first glance I thought I’d find this a quick fix, but once I took to making it, I was amazed at all the side stepping required to achieve the finished product.

Noodles needed boiling, draining.  Veggies needed chopping.  Ingredients were to be measured and sorted; that took me awhile.  Perhaps I’m just suffering from winter fatigue.  My feet were dragging all throughout the process.

Would the effort be worth it?  I took one look at the contents of that noodle package prior to boiling and wondered if my family of three would walk away with growling tummies.  How could I add two scant amount of veggies and call this a meal?

I got the noodles boiled.  Did I read that recipe right?  Do I boil them for four minutes? This package tells me to do it for ten?

Okay, normally I don’t follow a literal translation.  It’s not in my game plan.  I like to live on the edge, teetering on the dive across the flatiron.

Oh heck!  I followed the rules, er…the ones printed in my lovely cookbook.  I decided that if I enjoyed this dish I could go vagabond on the next go-round.

Surprisingly, the noodles boiled up to a larger amount than I expected. The grated carrot and five brussel sprouts lent themselves ample.

Would I make this dish again?

My family loved it!  I thought it was a bit salty, although no additional salt was added.  The noodles were a wonderful texture, fully cooked after their pan frying event.

Disclaimer:  We do not print author’s recipes, but will acknowledge our source’s for inspiration.

Page 215, of Lauren Ulm’s, vegan cookbook,  Vegan Yum Yum, contains all the secrets and know-how’s of this bounty.



Mom, I only cooked my noodles for a couple minutes too, though my package suggested 13-14 minutes.  They definitely didn’t need that much time.  I think Udon noodles are one of my new favorite things!   They were so yummy without ANYTHING on them!

I was a rebel and added a little jalapeno.  I’ve never found anything that doesn’t taste better with a little heat.  I also added some onion at the last minute because I had a little leftover in the fridge. I almost added some remaining mushrooms that were hiding in the produce compartment as well, but then the husband would have been picking them out of his dish.  I think they would have made an excellent addition though.  Maybe next time….

I am really glad we tried this recipe though so that I could be introduced to the wonderful Udon.  Mom mentioned that her pack was on the pricey side, but I found mine to be just a tad more than regular noodles.

Can’t wait to see what Mom chooses for our next Sunday meal!


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3 Responses to Seven Spice Udon Noodles

  1. De Chap says:

    You used the wrong 7 spice powder. I did the same mistake until I read the previous page (from the recipe book). It makes a world of difference. The correct spice is called Schichimi spice.

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