Pasta Gremolata with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Rye Bread Crumbs

I dashed into my rogue subset

from the very get-go, having forgotten to either bake, or purchase regular white bread;  I used leftover rye bread to create my breadcrumbs.  Panic coursed through my veins.  I wondered if the taste of caraway would throw itself outside the box of ‘norm’ for a pasta dish, but all that fear was for not.

Today’s dish doesn’t use a boatload of ingredients, but it does take a bit of measuring and a bit of timing.

Garlic and bread crumbs do a dance on the cooktop, toasting to perfection, and parsley gets a whirl in a mini-food processor.  I pressed my garlic, rather than chop it, but in the end I was most thankful.  When it plops into the heated oil it pops to perfection!

Would this be another dish to earmark, you know, bend the page on the cookbook as evidence that it’s a keeper?

You bet!

Again, operating in stealth mode of the truest of rogue’s, I chose a linguine noodle over a rotini.

I have no regrets.  🙂


Disclaimer: Today’s dish arrives via Lauren Ulm’s, Vegan Yum Yum, cookbook, where pages, 205-207,  lend themselves to our interpretation.  We do not post recipes from the author’s book, but we do encourage you to take the plunge.  This book is a fabulous resource for vegan cooking.


We loved this one too! I thought the whole breadcrumb idea was a bit odd at first.  I mean, I know that it’s common to put on top of baked macaroni and cheese and other cream based pastas, but I never would have thought to add it to a pasta dish like this one.  I have been converted though.  I now want to top ALL of my meals with breadcrumbs!

I also loved how easy this was to make.  Had I not been measuring everything into cute bowls and messing around with pictures, then this would have probably only taken 15-20 minutes to prepare.  And, all the ingredients are things that I typically have on hand so I’m sure I’ll be recreating this on a weeknight when I’m too tired to spend an hour or more in the kitchen.

Definitely a winner!


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One Response to Pasta Gremolata with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Rye Bread Crumbs

  1. M1, I had a good laugh at myself. I tossed the breadcrumbs into the bowl and mixed them up with the rest of the yummies. Add that bit of ‘rogue-ness’ to the mix and it is most obvious I do NOT know anything about following a set of directions. 😉

    I love that dishtowel!

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