Creamy Sweet Potato Bake

I tried with all my might to dislike this from the beginning.  I really, really did.  After all, how on earth can sweet potatoes, kale and a pasta form a neighborhood?  It just ain’t likely.

But then as the days drew nearer, and it was time to make this dish, I asked myself to be kinder, gentler in my approach to the foreign-ness of it all.

Friday evening set me into a bit of panic.  I realized I hadn’t one bread crumb to my name, and my trusty sour-dough starter has been on hiatus, enjoying himself at the plush spa he visits when I can no longer work him into my calendar.  Although the dehydrator offers a nice time-share experience, it does tend to bore my starter’s personality if he’s left to vacation for weeks on end. With it being Friday, and almost bedtime, I knew it was asking a bit much for shining success if I pulled him away from his creature comforts and begged him to make hay, or rather bread, by Sunday dinner, much less, crumbs. I gave up the thought and just settled on the fact that the particular item would be minus+0 in the ingredient list for this weeks bake.

Fast forward to this a.m., when I got the bright idea to tempt fate with not only the Blazing Burner baking, but an extra-special bake for today’s breakfast.  It’s a little after 2:30 as I type this.  I’ve finally made it to the point where I can sit and take a breather. Yet, all the while, I see a most impatient yellow lab staring me down as I type.  The mental vibes reverberate, speaking volumes about an outing, a walk into the sun and a dance with the break-neck winds.

Okay, I’m back.  I’m sure you didn’t notice my time-out.  I heeded the sound of my pups begging.  We blew around the neighborhood and are now grounded for the day.  Maybe I can set about finishing this food post. No recipe, just photo’s and a note that this was a very tasty dish, albeit, laborious and time-consuming.  There are many ingredients to be measured and prepped.  You’ll be boiling some pasta and chopping up kale, oh, and then you’ll be boiling that kale, too.  There’s also  a bit of robo-action with a blender.  I suppose a food processor would work just as well.

All in all, it is a dish that will be remembered, and if time permits, reconstructed.

Today’s rendition of, Creamy Sweet Potato Bake, is inspired from, pages 51 & 52, of Lauren Ulm’s, Vegan Yum Yum cookbook.  I opted to use a couple of Japanese sweet potatoes, and rotini pasta noodles in my bake. Fresh ginger, over the powdered, and real butter, rather than the vegan option.  The proportion of sauce to veggie and pasta proves to be less than what is necessary.  I held back some of the kale, potato and pasta, knowing that the final product would be much too dry for our liking. Doubling the sauce would be the ideal solution.


Well I didn’t have the bright idea to hold back on the kale, potato and pasta so mine was….a tad dry.  It had a nice taste, and I’ll probably use the sauce again (as it is used any many of the recipes in Vegan Yum Yum) but next time I will make more of it.

This actually wasn’t one of my favorite dishes, for reasons other than the dryness though.  First off, the picture in the cookbook makes it look much more appetizing than it does in real life. Yes, it had nice taste to it, but it wasn’t one of those “wow, I need to eat the entire casserole dish right now!” type of meals.

Also, I think it was a little too starchy.  I mean, I eat pasta, bread, and potatoes like nobody’s business.  Really, I do.  I put potatoes on pizza and in enchiladas, but this one was a bit much for me.  If I make this again I will probably omit the sweet potatoes all together.

Again, not terrible by any means, but just not one that I can rave about.  Live and learn….and make more sauce!


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