Three Spice Potatoes

Today’s recipe was inspired by Lauren Ulm’s Three Spice Potatoes from the Vegan Yum Yum cookbook.  We mixed things up this week and made a side dish!  I was originally going to just heat up some frozen veggie burgers to go with our potatoes, but then I got ambitious and made a vegetable dish I found online.  It took forever (and wasn’t that great), but the simplicity and deliciousness of the potatoes made the whole meal worth the effort.

The three spices are cumin, mustard seeds, and coriander.  They make a great trifecta and I’m excited to use this combo in other dishes.

These babies start out on the stove, but are then transferred to the oven in order for them to get crisp and golden.

I will definitely make these again.  The only thing I will change is the amount of oil I use.  The recipe called for 3 tablespoons, but I feel like about 1/2 of that would be sufficient.

Okay mom, your turn to report….


I dashed into the kitchen late this afternoon fully aware that the only item scheduled for our late dinner, was this potato recipe.  Yes.  The sum total of all things edible, and the only fanfare would come via some spuds.

All is well though, we feasted on cookies for dessert.  Yes, potatoes and cookies.

Lovely.  Isn’t it?  And just last week I was lamenting over the starch induced coma I suffered after last weeks bake.

There are no excuses for my behavior.  Some times I simply fall victim to an overbooked schedule.  This was the beginning of my week.  Would things get better?

One can only wonder.

Three-Spice Potatoes…

reminded me of someone.  As the aroma of mustard, coriander and cumin seeds popped in hot oil, my brain was flooded with pleasant reminders of a long-lost, and very dear friend.  Seema, if you see this, know that you are still here, within my heart and soul.

She danced in her kitchen, literally.  Sometimes wearing a sari, and at others, simply dressed as one of us westerners. Her heart was light, her smile, contagious.  And her energy? Absolutely boundless!  She was, and will always be, most welcomed at our door.

Some folks cast a spell upon you.  Leaving a footprint on your heart and soul.  They teach you things you never realized you needed to know, and they capture your imagination with a vividness so enriching, you forever feel the imprint.  We are better for having had them travel within our journey; blessed by their presence and bound forever by their joy.

And so it is, with spuds and cookies in my repertoire, I salute her.  Today I rejoiced in the warmth of her spirit knowing full well that she would be celebrating with me if she only knew what it is that I was up to.

I peg this dish vegan, but I celebrate it, Indian.

Shemantanini, this is for you:

(I promise I didn’t nibble before or after the bake.  Those first two spuds had a bit of un-friendly on them.  I did a bit of exploratory dig on them.)

Was this a dish I would repeat?

Absolutely!  It fed my heart and my soul….oh, and it went well with those cookies, too.


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