Creamy Broccoli Dal

Today we find ourselves on pages 173 and 174 of Lauren Ulm’s, Vegan yum yum, cookbook.

I did what I generally do, I began working on my bake without fully reading the directions.   Mise en place, sage advice, but missing in my kitchen this morning.

Right after breakfast I began my dish, and not because I thought it would take an inordinate amount of time to prepare, but simply because there were two other items on the agenda for todays meal: baked apples and a brand new (to me),  bread recipe.

So, measuring my lentils and quickly tossing them into a pan of salted boiling water, I got myself going on creating a tender legume.  Later I would see that there was no need, or at least, no discussion of having to pre-soak the red lentil.

Such is life.  No problem.  I quickly set about to resolve the issue. Dump went the water, and I was back to chopping a bit of onion.

The spice jars and packets came flying open, intoxicating my senses as only they can.  I measured the garam masala, hot pepper flakes, turmeric, mustard and cumin seeds in eagerness. How can something this fragrant not taste spectacular?

(I want this lovely color of gold on an accent wall in my bedroom.)

(I may just do it.)

And this recipe?  Oh yeah, I’ll be doing it again.  It is a keeper, but next time I will double the recipe.  It’s that good!


We loved it too!

Mine actually looks quite different from yours though.  I pulsed my broccoli in the food processor and the result was a soup that strongly resembled split pea.  This was such an easy recipe to make and was perfect for the cloudy/rainy weather that we are experiencing.

I added some vegan mozzarella to the top of my bowl, but when I make this again I think I will stir some cheese into the soup while cooking to give it an extra creamy texture.

I also made “chicken” salad sandwiches to accompany the soup.  The “chicken” is actually garbanzo beans.  I also used Vegenaise instead of traditional mayonnaise.

I’m really loving his cookbook.  I cooked Italian Rice and Beans again a couple of weeks ago and last night I used the sauce from the Creamy Sweet Potato Bake. I cooked some spinach to mix with the sauce and then I put the concoction on top of a baked potato.  It was fabulous!  This is definitely my favorite vegan cookbook.


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