Grilled (Broiled) Pear, Walnuts & Cabbage Salad

They’re so sexy.  Or is it, sensuous?

I’m guilty of not knowing what it is I want to say.  So bear with me.  Or is it, bare with me?

Strike two?

Well, at least I knew how to spell, two.  Give me some extra credit, please.  Then get yourselves over here for a bite of this yummy dish.  The pears and walnuts meld beautifully, and that poppy seeded cabbage takes it all over-the-top.

I think you’ll like this item.  It’s got a bit of crunch, sweetness, and a tang of tart all melded into its freshness.  In the house of this rogue-vegan, I served it sideways with a roasted chicken (for hubs).  And as I type this, I wonder how it is served miles to the west.  Poor J. isn’t fond of cabbage (if I remember correctly).  I hope he tries this and the error of his ways can be amended.

Seriously, J., just take a bite.  Eat three bites and I’ll mail you some cookies.

Yes, that was, and is, a bribe!  😉

By the time

I got myself into the kitchen, I was pooped.  We’d been in the backyard tending to the dirt in the garden, compost pile and that area that we used to refer to as, lawn.  I wanted to simply fall into a heap, after showering, but the need to listen to the latest from Japan and Libya gave me the initiative to bide my time with chopping and squeezing.

Lemons are one of favorite things.  They smell fresh, always, and what is not to love about their sunshine-y faces?

And then there are those pears.  The recipe called for Bosc, and although these guys are not the prettiest of varieties, they are certainly some of the tastiest.  Yes, I know I am guilty of inserting my opinion in here, but what the heck.  I’m among friends.  I will equally listen to what you consider your favorites.

I will.  I really, really will.  🙂

Walnuts.  They make the interior of my mouth itch.  I love their shells, and I thoroughly enjoy how much easier they are to crack than pecans.   Not having been raised in the south, walnuts appeared to be the favored go-to nut of my mom and grandmother. If a cake or nut bread had a nut in it, you could bet it was a walnut.  I changed course as I became more settled in my ways, those of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  It must have something to do with always being asked, “Were you out of pecans?  Why’d you choose to use walnuts?  Do you favor walnuts, or something?”

In other words, I was chided into the world of the pecan, so much so that I now find myself opting for that little bugger over the mighty walnut.  When I discovered there were folks out there in the world that knew the magic of cracking one of those without breaking it; getting two halves beautifully harvested without interrupting the beauty of the skin, well, dog-gone it!  I was, and am, simply impressed.  That skill rates right up there with snake charming and fire-eating.  So when I noticed that this recipe called for walnuts I did a mental bit of gymnastics.

“Were there Southerners due over here for eats?  Did I own any walnuts?  Could I find, walnuts, you know, fresh ones?  (Not those blister packs of yuck!) Would pecans work better in this recipe?

Yes, I have been brainwashed.  Texans grow pecans.  Heck, half the time they don’t even have to try. Those babies turn up like oaks (if you’re lucky).  Unfortunately, all my squirrel friends are into the delivery of acorns.  Or, sadly, perhaps I have cleared them unknowingly in my annual yard cleaning.  I’ve wiped out the squirrel mapquest, yearly, yet again defining my space, over that of the rodents.

So.  Tale be told.  Pears, lemons, walnuts and cabbage sing from the south, today.  The meal is/was yummy.  It’s a winner, but by now you know I am a fan of all things, food. I’ve rarely been disappointed, and today is no exception.


Page 125 to 127 of Lauren Ulm’s beautiful book, Vegan Yum Yum, is where this magic can be found.

P.S.  How could I forget to mention the lovely fig?  Shame be upon me!  The fig, glorious, wholesome, and oh-so-sweet.  She dances, merrily, and shows her sweetness among the friends of orchard and valley.


I too forgot that J. doesn’t like cabbage.  Oops!  He still ate a few bites anyway, but I’m sure he’d appreciate some cookies to make up for it.

I thought this salad was great.  I loved the sweetness that the figs and the pears brought to the dish.

I’m not a huge fan of walnuts, but I found this fancy red kind and got all excited. They taste just like regular walnuts, but the color makes the whole dish prettier.

I took my dish to dinner at Papa and Grandma’s house so I cut my pears into bite sizes and tossed everything together.  It doesn’t look as fancy as mom’s, but they seemed to enjoy the salad.

Perhaps if I make this again I will use some crispy romaine lettuce so that J. will enjoy it a little more.


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