Golden Chickpea and Artichoke Salad

Our recipe for this week comes from pages 121-122 of Lauren Ulm’s Vegan Yum Yum cookbook.

I’ve found that most of the recipes we’ve made so far have been fairly easy to prepare, though occasionally time consuming.  Well this one is super, super quick…and yummy too!

The recipes suggests cutting whole artichoke hearts in half, but I chopped mine up a bit more because, although I love artichokes, I really dislike getting a huge bite of one in any dish.

The chickpeas are cooked on the stove until they brown up a bit.  Same goes for the artichokes so this dish can be served warm or at room temperature.  I currently have some in the fridge though so I’m hoping it’s good as a cold salad as well.

I love this dish because I feel like you could serve it with just about anything.  I snacked on some pita chips and hummus with mine.  And now I’ve probably exceeded my chickpea limit for the day. Just kidding, that’s impossible to do!


I knew it would be good, there was never any doubt in my mind.  I love the humble little chickpea, worship the beautiful artichoke, and simply can’t say enough nice stuff about the glorious almond.  To find all three of these buds hanging out in a salad is noteworthy, and to find them sharing their gloriousness with fresh parsley, well, the whole thing leaves me speechless.  It doesn’t hurt that my mouth is stuffed full with this feast and I’ve been trained not to talk with my mouth full.

But back to basics.  When M1 gave me the heads-up on the menu for this weeks venture I knew that I could bank on success.  This dish doesn’t call for an extraordinary array of spices, just a balancing act of stir-frying and a little bit of timing.  Which was good, for the most part.  I held it all together until the final act.  Where, at some point, I simply tossed the required lemon juice (freshly squeezed), right into the sink, out of sight and mind.

Hey, it’s a senior moment, get used to it!

No one noticed, especially me.  It wasn’t until clearing the dishes that it struck me:

Where did that lemon juice go?

Oh well, not to fret.  There’s always next time.  You know?  When I make the recipe again.  😉

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