Chipotle Basil Corn Chowder

No room in any dwelling holds more voodoo than the kitchen, this is the real reason folks hang kitchen witches and braids of garlic. Begin any endeavor haphazardly and you’ll soon be visited by black magic.

I popped the lid on the jar of adobe sauce and quickly set the mayhem into motion.  Does it matter that I was befuddled by the mere contraption of a lid from the get-go?  It looked to be one of those pop-and-go jobs, but the first utensil I grabbed from my implement drawer couldn’t pry that little sucker away from its meld.  Quickly, diving into the drawer for a second pry-and-go item, I found the trusty little can opener with the its obvious lid-snapper.

Close the drawer after you grab something.  It’s not safe to navigate around the unnecessary, let alone, add another chore to your personal to-do list.


I love the color orange.  It’s been one of my favorites since 2002. Before that date, I barely knew that it existed, and if it did, it was always associated with Halloween.


I hate grease

I absolutely hate orange grease.


One needs to learn to walk away, quietly.

Just exit the kitchen.

Swiftly move toward any known exit.

Return to the action when you’ve built up your reserves, purchased that kitchen witch and braided strands of endless garlic.

Soup, the comfort food.


Okay, not today and definitely not in this house.  The wind is whipping the dickens out of the world around us.  Temperatures flamed toward 90.  Oh, and the ingredients for a comforting, hot and tasty cup of soup, some of them were missing, or added, or forgotten. At this point I’m not sure what happened and when it occurred.  Let’s just say I can’t be the judge of any known effort that came out of that room today.

I’m still cleaning.


Oh mom, I’m so sorry for your mishaps.  Fortunately, our outside temps weren’t as high as yours today so we were able to enjoy ours a little more.  In fact, think this is one of my favorite Yum Yum recipes.

However, it was almost the recipe that never happened because I was trying to think of any reason I could to not go to the grocery store today.  I finally pulled myself off of the couch around 3:00 PM and set off to get the necessary ingredients (and food for the rest of the week).

I got started almost immediately after returning from the store.  Well, I started after I hate all the yummy junk food I’d just purchased.  But as soon as I was full, I started on dinner 😉

Not only did I use a whole Chipotle Chili (it called for only a teaspoon), but I also used Habanero Olive Oil to saute everything.  The intense spiciness made me cough a bit, but don’t worry, the end result wasn’t too hot for us to handle.

I also strayed from the recipe a bit and added some vegan cheese during the food processing step.  I would recommend this step to others as well.

I served my soup with taco salad.  We have taco salad at least once a week in this house.


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One Response to Chipotle Basil Corn Chowder

  1. Can I have some of your salad? No need to send me any soup, it will be nine or ten months before the thermometer reads ‘comfort’ zone.


    Your dinner smells, fab! 😉

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