Something to bank on

This weeks adventure finds us trekking off the beaten path.  There wasn’t a need to blaze the burners of stove top, nor oven.  Today was all about the chill factor.  We opted to pickle a bit of fruit, and in its own rite, it will become

our bit of a blazing burner.

Once upon a magical time, I found a food blog, a very special food blog.  It stands in the expanse of space-and-time referred to as,

for today’s challenge:

Find yourself in the midst of a pickle recipe, and while you’re at it, peruse Jen’s beautiful blog. Whenever the urge to visit home strikes me, I rendezvous by way of her blog.  She can cook and bake, but her most amazing talent is her photography.  As they say,

Every picture tells a story.




This was a nice change of pace!  So easy and such a nice little snack.

Despite being green, my mangoes were a bit ripe, but I’m happy to report that they turned out just fine.

Most importantly, I found a use for one of my blue mason jars!  I’m currently using another one right now to hold some fresh flowers.  I really can’t get enough of these.  So pretty!

I’m going to make some (non vegan) fish tacos later this week and I think I’ll dice up some of these mango bites into a relish to add a little zip to the meal.


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