Green Smoothies; Yum City!

Today’s foodie item was the brainchild of M1.  My first thought was,

Can I feed this to Hubs and M2?

You know, can I disguise it to the point that they’ll take the plunge?

I had my doubts, after all, this wasn’t a steak from the grill, a steaming bowl of mac and cheese; I was pushing a new boundary with them.  So, when the two of them ventured away from the house mid-day, I set about to gather the goods and plan my mischief.

M1, said she would most likely use either kale or spinach.  Initially, I thought I’d go with kale, but then I remembered that pleasant little surprise awaiting me in the garden. Swiss chard, and although the plants aren’t hefty in size, the thought of a harvest still intrigued me.

This morning had me gathering bunches of basil in an effort to use all that I could before it bolts.  Temperatures in Hades are unforgiving, the humidity, relentless these days. Rain is dancing in the west, but the cap of high pressure sits determined over north Texas.  Watering the raised beds is a daily ritual and even with that effort the little garden lags listless.

I grabbed dill weed along with the basil, snipped an onion or two off the lonely braid that sits curing, and reminded myself that there were proceeds from three dying tomato plants that might enjoy being rescued.

Yesterday found me in the kitchen making yogurt.  It’s been months since I’ve made any. But today I was rewarded, handsomely, and even though we can’t call this a ‘vegan’ item at this household,  it is fully wholesome in my book.

Green Smoothie Recipe

Swiss chard



Dill weed



I used a fistful of chard, two or three segments of basil and a handful of dill weed.  As you can see by my photo, those onions weren’t mammoth sized, just itsy-bitsy.  The tomatoes were an orange cherry variety and the yogurt was made with a two-percent cows milk.   The trusty kitchen blender was my hero appliance, offering up a frothy, and quite smooth, delectable smoothie.


That looks so yummy and refreshing!  It never even occurred to me to make a savory smoothie!

I ended up using kale AND spinach in my smoothie, but I also added a lot of fruit.

(spinach, honeydew melon, green apples, bananas, agave nectar, almond milk and kale)


I originally started to blend my drink in an actual blender, but I don’t have a high quality blender and it was not up to the challenge.  Helloooo food processor, please save me!

It did a fine job, although the food processor takes up way more room in the dishwasher than the blender.

Yummy green goodness….

I mistakenly put too much agave nectar in the mix though and it was way too sweet.  I had to add extra bananas to neutralize the taste. The melon probably provided enough sweetness, but I failed to test it before adding the nectar.  Lesson learned.

In an effort to maintain full disclosure, it must be noted that I prepared this healthy snack while eating a leftover Taco Bell burrito.  It was a vegan burrito though!


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One Response to Green Smoothies; Yum City!

  1. M3 says:

    I need dessert; I’ll be right over! 😉

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