Caprese is easy…

And guess who opted for ‘easy’?

This week’s choice didn’t need a lot of planning on this side of the fence.  The garden is offering a bounty of basil and those lack-luster tomato plants have forgiven me for one more week.

Here’s a peek-see at the ingredients necessary to put this plan in motion:

We are green with envy around this shack.  If one didn’t know any better they could claim that I simply posted a redux of last week’s fare, siphoned off and served up in a different vessel.

Fresh Basil Vinaigrette

But I promise, I didn’t fudge.

This weeks inspiration comes after I set my eyes on several other foodie bloggers posting about Caprese, on a stick.  Some folks opted for skewers, other’s used the stand-by, and ever ready, toothpick.  It doesn’t matter how you serve this refreshing bit of salad.  Just serve it!  You will enjoy the respite.

I guarantee.

The fabulous, Jaden Hair (, is responsible for this fantastic recipe.  I adapted it with the bounty of my garden; it’s a glorious find and one that I’ll be enjoying for as long as there is fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.


This was perfect for a warm weekend meal.  It will be even better later in the summer when I can (hopefully) use tomatoes from my garden.

I want to use this basil vinaigrette on everything!  For any non vegans, I think it would be wonderful on some grilled chicken.

I will definitely be making this all summer long.  Perhaps I’ll even cheat a little next time and use fresh mozzarella instead of my non dairy mozzarella cheese.


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One Response to Caprese is easy…

  1. No, 1 Son says:

    This makes me want to eat this again!

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